Because of what happened on September 11, 2001, you will very hardly be able to open a current account in the US directly from Italy.

In this country there are a large number of small banks and several international giants. For convenience, we advise you to open your current account with lenders that are present “at every corner of the street”: this way the property manager can easily deposit the amount collected by your tenants quickly, without having to specially go to a branch, maybe even very distant.

We advise you to open with Bank of America or Wells Fargo, which are widespread banks and have a great internet banking service. Above all, in a country like the United States, it is always the talk of “too big to be able to fail” to secure their belongings.

At the opening of the company, our agent, if you need it, will accompany you from a Bank of America or Wells Fargo official to assist you in opening your current account.

You will be issued one or more current account check books and a debit card on your behalf (a sort of credit card but without spending placement).

In any case, you will always be free to change the bank of your company at any time, it will be enough to communicate the details to the accountant you are using and to the property management company, otherwise they will not know who to pay the money!

Keep in mind that US banks are far more invasive than their European counterparts: more and more often, your debit card may be blocked in advance as soon as you make payments that deviate from your regular profile. To unlock it just make a quick call to the help desk number in front of the internet banking account statement to unlock the problem in a matter of seconds.