ROI (Return on Investment)

La J.A.G. Real Estate Investment follows the philosophy of the most influential investor Warren Buffet, “To make a real estate investment decision, two essential factors are be considered:

  • The annual rate of return that, in the financial area, allows you to determine the future value of a property investment property after all costs such as taxes, maintenance and insurance.
  • Roi’s profitability of invested capital, considering historical data. In order to provide a conservative estimate of the return on your investment. Here’s an example of a possible ROI over a seven-year period, based on an initial $ 100,000 price:

Return on Investment:

Here is an example of our typical investment

Rent income for 7 years: $ 10,000 X 7 years = $ 70,000

Estimation Value 5% on an annual basis = $ 40,710

Total return on investment in 7 years = $ 110,710 *

A you can see the investment doubled!

Your home might be worth $ 140,710 and you could have $ 70,000 in Cash Flow *

Assuming 10% cap rate, $ 100,000 worth of property, and 5% annual appreciation value, without calculating inflation.


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