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Are you an Agency?

The J.A.G. Florida Investment through a presence on the American market, with the support of highly skilled professionals with an in-depth analysis of market demand and the Italian American, has created a great opportunity for all agencies belonging parts of its network, L ‘ interchange of properties, giving an opportunity ‘to network agencies, to have an edge over its local competitors.

The end user will have ‘the possibility’ to enter a Network Agency and have a great chance, advertise your property on the American market, placing it on a platform that puts in touch hundreds of realtors Americans will. also find an agent able to give him the opportunity to invest with great tranquility and clarity and speigare of the American market and purchase procedures and in particular of Florida with the unimaginable returns on invested capital than Italian and a property with an appreciation of the value of ‘Building


The agencies participating in the Nework applicants must meet the following requirements to join:

Professionalism and experience of the Italian Real Estate Market
Want to learn new information on American market and a sale procedure
Italian property to Advertise on the American market with certain characteristics
The inclusion in the Network and ‘Free and takes place in two phases
Enter your data and business information form to fill out and send where can expect specific information requests about their agency
The acceptance by inserting in our network, or the non-acceptance with specification of reasons

Fill out the form follow and we will show you how to make money together

Fill, without obligation, the form below, you will be contacted by our staff will give you all sorts of information by offering a convenient consultancy, from the start of negotiations until the eventual purchase of the property.

Knowledge of languages

Italian Yes

English Yes

Spanish Yes

Russian Yes

Properties majority holding with that price range?

0 - 500.000€500.000€ - 1.000.000€1.000.000€ upward

Property Type

historically important properties or centers Historical Ancients
Properties in medieval towns
Properties with sea view
Properties with Proximity less than 700 meters from the sea

Historic Country House


Investment requests abroadYesNo
If you are in that country?
Customers who Gia invested abroad and which owns other real estate abroad?
Expectation on investment account?

Constant monthly return

Appreciation of 'investment in the medium term 1 - 5 years without a steady monthly return YesNo
Long-term appreciation of 5 - 10 years without a steady income YesNo

Possible investor clients

0 - 1010 - 2030 >

Possible investment amount

0 - 100.000€100.000€ - 200.000€200.000€ - 500.000€500.000€ - 1.000.000€1.000.000 upward

*I consent to the processing of personal data pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. June 30, 2003, n. 196

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