Build Immediately A estate Wallet That You Generate Income

Getting an income has never been as difficult as it is today. The yields on traditional bonds called refuge, such as the treasury bills of strong economies, including the United States, Germany and Great Britain, are at historically low levels, offering investors less than 2%.

We only consider real estate investments in certain geographic areas, with an investment strategy aimed at achieving our customer’s goals, the investment revaluation (capital)and a percentage return on invested capital,above any financial investment.

We firmly believe in building our real estate which generates income and tranquility. In many markets, the bank deposits remain safe in terms of potential capital losses, but it offers negligible yields  in terms of  interests. If you add the inflation factor, the reals yelds (ie adjusted for inflation) of these investments may be very low or even negative. In addition, it should be remembered that pensioners live longer than in the past, and then begin to emerge differents exigences  in term of yield and growing from individuals, governments and pension funds.

Many investors must re-evaluate their real estate and correct  their risk propensity to generate yield they need.

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