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Founded by investors for investors in real estate field, J.A.G. provides technical, strategic and managerial consulting aboout investment opportunities, providing services for  privates, professionals and companies: it is a rich and global advice on the international real estate market.

Through the careful selection of financial opportunities, J.A.G. Looking for excellence in investment offering solutions for capital revaluation, annual capital increase or personal planning.

Besides Jag,  studies and creates sophisticated investment plans and real estate transactions, in collaboration with estate development and investment ledaer companies  in the United States,  providing all the collateral services in terms of tax planning, company formation and financial consulting .

J.A.G. is a leader in consulting and offering customer services on acquisitions, sales and strategies, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the US real estate market.

Our Mission, Our Values

Our Group considers Real Estate as an art and science.  The Selection and the promotion of real estate at international  level requires, as well, the evaluation of the various cultural shades, commercial practices of each site and the knowledge of practices and general rules. Above all, a long-term approach is needed, inspired by the principles of solid partnership, responsibilities, sustainability, prudent risk management and profitability.

Our professional conduct emphasizes  intellectual  integrity and rigor . We constantly share knowledge and skills to reach the best solution to any challenge and problem, anywhere in the world.

Our autonomy is basic  to our work approach. Our managers are independent and theydon’t undergo  pressure to give specific solutions. We do not sell products but rather we analyze and we select independently the right solutions in the real estate market for our customers who expect transparent prices, favorable terms and low-risk returns.

Our real estate experts offer active management and consulting support: they can work autonomously to select and make choices, though in a controlled environment.

The J.A.G. Group carefully deals  with the relationships qith their partners in order to build long-term interactions and professional collaborations.

CUSTOMERS: we guarantee a great service with the highest standards of professional integrity to build durable relationships and mutual trust. A satisfied customer is the base of any marketing in the business world.

RELATIONSHIPS: We commit ourself  to establishing long-term relationships with all of our customers and partners, intensifying our contacts and opening up ideas to guarantee  their interests. We are not constrained by short-term goals, we do not use rigid and fixed modules in contract negotiations, but we are constantly trying to make solutions that are advantageous  to the issues. Our aspiration to guarantee  long-term growth for our shareholders, our partners and the communities that support  us is at the center of our business model.

HIGH QUALITY: We offer great ideas, goals and assistance based on the high standards of the group itself, constantly seeking to increase and  to develop develop further  higher parameters.

COOPERATION: we invite, expand and recognize cooperative companies, proactively sharing  the  knowledges and skills and to direct their support to offer our mission, vision and network to the customer.

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