The value of Florida properties is growing?

In 2008,  year of strong recession for property prices in Florida, and particularly in the South,prices were sometimes reduced by 60% of their purchase price. Now that the economy is improving the potential for growth and appreciation is great. In addition, many South Florida industries are expansing, ensuring the economy succes in the near future and leading to increased property demand, resulting in increased property value and with a  steady and stable rent;

I have no visa and Green Card; Cani buy property in Florida?

Yes, there is no obligation to reside to buy and sell land or real estate in the United States. Foreign buyers and US citizens have the same legal protection.

Given information about tax / corporate aspects and about all possible problems which derive from a real estate purchase in the USA?

Yes, through our legal and tax division, we support, case-by-case basis, our customers. Premising that buying a Florida house follows the same rules as anywhere else in the world, but there are less costs, less bureaucracy, and more certainty of the property right;

Do I need to open a bank account in Florida to buy a home?

No transaction can happen through a foreign bank;

If you would like to open a bank account in Florida, help the customer?

Yes, we recommending and we indicating banks points;

Do I need to be in Florida to complete the purchase of a home?

No, you it is possible to purchase a property even if you are physically in another country;

If you want to rent the property, will you care to do it?

Our Property Management division is responsible for renting, managing and depositing rents in your bank account;

How many taxes I will pay annually on a property?

Property taxes vary according to 3 major aspects in Florida:
  1. Value / Cost of Property;
  2. Where the property is located;
  3. Services in which the property is located;
In general it varies from 1% to 2% of the value of the property on the market
Property Tax Autocalculator


What is the cost of the notary?

The notary in Florida is called the Title Company, it has a cost that generally varies from 0.05% to a maximum of 1.8%, but this cost also includes annual home taxes and search for possible mortgages on property
Notary Cost Autocalculator


How much property management t with a Property Manager?

Our group has selected Property Managers; If the customer decides to entrust the property, the cost is 10% on the monthly amount ;

How much is insurance?

Our group has its own insurers selected
The cost always depends on the value of the property, but extends to a maximum of $ 1000;

How Much Expenses Are there Every Year during property management?

Insurance, Property Manager;

Do I need to open a current account in Florida?

You do not need to open a bank account in Florida to purchase, but you definitely need account to manage the property and we use contacts with primary banks to open these accounts;

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