When you get in touch with us we’ll explain everything we can do for you in detail. However, keep in mind that if you are looking for a real estate agency to buy your home for your holidays in the US we are neither or can we be your referrals.

We are not a real estate agency.

Our specialists sift through the market every day to find housing packages to be purchased from banks. Once these packages are found that may vary from one unit to even hundreds of units at a time, we present our purchase offer.

If we win the auction, we immediately intervene our repair teams and our financial services to verify that the home does not hide surprises such as unpolluted bills, old owner’s fines, never-wound mortgages, evasion fees or any kind of issues.

The restoration of the house is always meticulous and involves the elimination of any existing asbestos, roof restoration, windows and air conditioning.

Normally, we take the house that is in a pitiful condition and transform it into a small jewel, ready to be marketed at an optimal price.

Once we have resettled the property and released from any charge, our real estate agent in charge of the area intervenes and sell it at a price that will ensure that the tenant is found quickly and can afford to continue to pay the rent.

So let’s test the tenant, except for exceptional cases, for a couple of months and then we take into account giving home now to income to our customers.

Remember that for us you are important, whether you decide to buy a $ 100,000 home or whether you decide to invest with us a few millions.