If you decide to use our services, we will make available to you the entire network of our professionals.As you can imagine, this network was not created on two feet. Every single professional we will be delighted to present to you is more than experienced in your work and will assist you best in all the bureaucratic practices you will be involved in creating your company before and for ordinary administration then. At any time, at your own expense, you will obviously be free to replace the professionals we have presented with others of your trust. This network is present both in the United States and in Italy in order to provide you with adequate assistance before, during and after. That is the title company.

The Notary

As in Italy, even in Florida, the notary is an official public. Unlike Italy, however, the notary protects the actors of the sale by ensuring that the good that is being sold is exactly as promised to the buyer, that there is no hidden burden and that the buyer actually has the funds promised to seller.
The notary has an “escrow account”. The parties submit to the notary the act of ownership of the transaction and its counter value in cash. The good or sum deposited is administered on behalf of the depositor until the time it is delivered to the buyer. The notary acts as an Escrow Agent between the two contracting parties.
The advantages are remarkable for both parties: they deduct the sums and assets transferred into the depositor to the depositor’s availability and at the same time they become countervailable to the creditors even in the event of bankruptcy. Then the public notary itself will be assured that the property will be exactly in the conditions proposed to the buyer and that the buyer will actually pay as agreed.
Only with an escrow account the parties are completely protected, as the goods or the sum of money are made up of trusts and the trustee (the depositary notary) must handle them according to the directives stated in the constitution. The notary then, when the conditions of the sale contract are met, will release the sums held and at the same time deliver the goods to the buyer.

The Accountant

The accountant, or tax advisor.
In the United States, taxes pay them all. The accountant is indispensable to optimizing his tax burden.
We will put you in a position to take advantage of our trusted professional, specialized in managing real estate companies, to open and manage your company.
The start-up cost includes both the opening and the management of company accounting for the first year. You will always be free to move your company’s accounting with another professional at your own expense.
Obviously, if you decide to change the accountant, you should remember to move your company’s legal seat to your property, or to your new accountant.

The Property Manager

Managing what you buy will be entrusted to a specialized company that will handle every aspect of the administration of your property. In order to be able to administer on your behalf and in order to be able to represent you even before the civil authorities (county, sheriff, service providers, etc.), a notary will sign a POW, power of attorney, which will allow them to promote any evictions it is necessary to collect the rents of your rentals, to hire repairers in case of failures, or to interact with the insurance.
Our property managers have been carefully selected because they have to be able not only to solve for you any smaller issues, from the water pipe that loses to the air conditioner that needs to be recharged, but above all they have to rent the rent, then pay it on your company’s current account.
Every issue will be addressed in order of signaling and for emergency priority: a dilution will surely have precedence over an ordinary administrative matter.
Every effort will be made to make the management of your property as painless as possible to you. You invested, and then you enjoy the fruits of your investment; the problems, except for exceptional cases, we provide.
At any time you can decide to change the real estate manager’s contact details as per the contract.
It is the property manager that will handle any evictions due to morosity. These Florida events are a very economical and fast procedure: between $ 300 and $ 750 includes the intervention of the lawyer and sheriff. Take a hard trip on average 30 days and rarely exceed 45/60 days.
Tenants are still selected among those who have a high credit rating.

The Insurer

There are thousands of insurance agencies in the United States. Thanks to the volumes we make, we are able to obtain an attractive price for civil liability and fire coverage. The first year there is already counted in the price of purchase of the apartment, the second year you will need to provide you to pay but always, if you decide to continue using the initial policy, facilitated by taking advantage of discounts that we were able to sign contracts.
You will always be free to change, at your expense, at any time, agency or insurance policy, as you will always be free to extend your policy to cover aspects from us unexpected type coverage for hurricanes, as you will always be free to eliminate the your insurance policy.
For direct experience, it is critical to have a cover for the liability and for fires in its protection and its properties, as in the United States the property owner suffers the burden of third party liability. This means that the owner is liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur to third parties, such as tenants, property or bad maintenance. In fact, in the United States, it falls to the owner to have put in place all the necessary actions to avoid any harm; however, because of the rich case law in this matter, it is a matter of force to stipulate an insurance to protect against civil liability. More or less as we do for cars and road traffic.