As we have already mentioned in the previous articles, J.A.G. Florida Investment has its roots in the Florida real estate market; the reasons for this choice are clear to all: strong investment difficulties in Italy and in the Eurozone in general on the one hand, and on the other great facilities combined with substantial advantages in investing in Florida (firm and flourishing economy, clear legislation and severe, high rate of visitors throughout the year). But today we want to focus our attention on the capital of this state, Miami, and why it is particularly advantageous to invest in this fantastic city.
Let’s start immediately by saying that the Miami real estate market remains the first ever to purchase real estate in all the United States of America; the reason for this is due to the high rate of non-resident population (about 30% of the total) who chooses to reside for a short time in Miami.
In addition, the rental market accounts for 60% of the total units available against 30% of US average. And, what’s shocking, the rental price continues to rise: in 2017 the increase was 8.5% and the real estate rent on an annual rent is around 3-5%, net of taxes and management costs.
All right, you will think, but how much can a house cost me if I want to invest in Miami? No fear, let’s make a comparison: with 1 million dollars you can buy a space of only 17 square meters in Monaco, 27 square meters in New York, 57 square meters in Paris, but, listen to hear, of 77 square meters in Miami. This is an incredible opportunity to capitalize and invest in a targeted and intelligent way on a market that is only now showing strong signs of recovery, without using absurd and disproportionate capital.
Are you afraid of new buildings that might be at the cutting edge of existing buildings? Well, I give you some news, namely that in Miami, particularly in Miami Beach, there will not be a hyper-production of apartments, for the simple reason that there are no more building plots.
Do you know Miami? A small island, a small city of wonders (sea, sun all year, flourishing activities, entertainment, efficient services), which easily adapts to the needs of young people, families and older couples, where thousands of people choose each one chooses to spend a shorter or longer period, or even to move. When we at the J.A.G. Florida Investment, we evaluated the possibility of buying property in Miami, we said: “Why not? With all that this fantastic city offers, why should we give up this fantastic opportunity? “It is the same question that we are addressing to you today, but the only difference is that while we have thought and acted alone, trying to extricate ourselves to the better between the various bureaucratic procedures, you will be assisted throughout the journey by a team of experts who now has experience to sell. We are waiting for you!