After we meet, if you decide to consider how much we are proposing, we will provide you with everything you need to be able to start your project: a list of the necessary documentation for the opening of the company, various bureaucratic practices to be signed for allow the accountant to open it in your name and for your account, etc.
If you have not yet communicated to us, at this point you will need to make a contribution to the type of investment you intend to undertake. Of course you can change your mind at any time and you will not be bound in any way.
As soon as the company is open, a transaction that normally takes less than a week, we will undertake your attention to the tablets of the properties we have ready and those that will be within a few days. If you find what you are interested in, you will proceed with the purchase, otherwise we will wait until, among the various occasions you will be creating, you will not find what is your case.
When you find a property of your own interest, your contracts will be subject to your attention: the notary act (HUD), the insurance contract and the property management contract.
Once you sign them, next month you will be credited to your company’s current account in the United States for the property discounted property rentals.