A tailored product tailored for you.
Although we often have some ready-to-sell real estate and several units we are resetting, we normally work on commission.
From us you will hardly be able to ask, “I want a purple home with a pagoda roof and overlooking the Everglades!” But you can easily say, “I intend to make an investment that will allow me to have a net return of 7,000 dollars a month, and if I decide to look to other markets, I can smile with a big gain! ”
According to your guidelines, you will be in the basket of our customers and as we will set the market, always following the order of the requests received, we will propose targeted real estate that can be your case, but always respond to some indispensable features: in an area that guarantees a good revaluation of the property, sheltered from floods, have solvable tenants, are in good condition.
Targeted research
You will tell us what you want from us, once we have exposed you all we can do for you.
We are at your disposal, both to make you buy a single apartment and invest some millions.
All the properties that will be offered will be chosen based on the type of investment and return you will decide to apply.
Clearly, the experience accumulated over the years will allow us to advise you on how to better value your package and how best to ensure that your investment is reevaluated as quickly as possible. All this, always respecting your investment propensity.
Just in this light, we will always try to balance your real estate package. Except for your different request, we are unlikely to propose properties that are attached to each other. By spanning all over South Florida, we will try to give you real estate and even different types so that your real estate package is balanced and consequently the safest possible from any market cycles.
To minimize risk, we will try to fragment your property management into multiple property managers, so that everyone can work for you at best.
The presence in America
Except for your specific details, your US company’s tax residence will be at the accountant’s account where we will be supporting you. Tax returns, tax folders and bank correspondence will be delivered to you here.
Your presence in America will be essential to open your bank account.
Once a year, in November, you have to get the documentation in your possession to the US Tax Accountant, but you can also send this documentation via courier or you can trust it to our Italian branch.