We of J.A.G. Florida Investment we are a team of Italian experts who have already traveled the road that you may now intend to travel too, and that is investing in beautiful Florida. We did it because we felt dissatisfied and we rebelled against the socio-economic torpor that for several years now pervades all of our peninsula: we do not know if Italy can ever wake up from this, but in the meantime we have tucked the and we took a look elsewhere, particularly in South Florida, where the economy, in spite of the global crisis, has not undergone particular incisions. We immediately clarify that we do not want to put ourselves at a level higher than yours, nor are we businessmen: we simply organized ourselves into a team, which you can dispose of and / or become part of, and which, if we earn, we earn all, both you and us, honestly and in the light of the sun. Our experience allows us to understand if a house or a building in general in the future can lead to a good profit or not: only if we are sure that this happens, we buy it, and, after all the necessary renovations and legal obligations, we resell it to potential buyers.
Perhaps you might be baffled by the fact that you do not operate in Italy and that you yourself do not know the bureaucratic and legislative apparatus of Florida: here in this big and sometimes insurmountable uncertainty comes into play J.A.G. Florida Investment.
Our team, in fact, is made up of professionals of great skill and honesty, and, if you choose to collaborate or rely on us, we will have the pleasure to let you know. We are certainly not at the beginning of our activity, and, in all these years, we have had the opportunity to test our network of professionals and above all to gain experience: we work with much more ease and speed than the first years of activity, and now we can say, with great satisfaction. To enter the concrete, if you want to buy a property, we will provide you with all the professionals you will need, namely a notary, who acts as an “Escrow Agent” between the two contracting parties, an accountant, who acts roughly like the accountant in Italy, a property manager, who will have the task of taking care of the logistic and economic management of your new home (repairing something broken, collecting rents, coping with all the small problems that a house may possibly present over time ), and finally the insurer, because, as you know, it is mandatory to take out an insurance policy, and we use insurance companies that offer us very facilitated treatments, given the large number of houses that we manage. So, if you want to buy a house in Florida, we have the task and the pleasure of facilitating you in every step and to make all the procedures involved in buying a house easy. Obviously, if you want, you can easily rely on professionals you know, without for this to crack relations with us. We firmly believe that collaboration and mutual trust are the cornerstones of a good relationship.