Among the many investments that every saver can put in place, perhaps we still hear very little about the real estate market in Florida and investing in Florida in general, or perhaps, even hearing about it, may feel discouraged by the geographical distance of our beautiful country, from the language and from a legislation that is profoundly different from the Italian one. However, if the subject is studied in depth, we can understand that these apparent difficulties can be resolved in a very simple way: in fact, here comes the role of our real estate agency, J.A.G. Florida Investment, which will guide the investor from choosing to buying and selling the property.
Let’s start immediately by saying that the founding members of the J.A.G. they are all Italians, a group of people who, disappointed by the investment opportunities in Italy, decided to look overseas, focusing on a country where prosperity and prosperity are the rule and not the exception, and therefore to invest in Florida: in fact the Florida, in order to maintain its economic level, does not need to impose excessive taxes on every activity that brings revenues, and in fact there are no taxes on the natural person, even if it owns real estate or companies.
Then we add that, at least for now, with the sub-prime mortgage crisis that has hit America and the whole world, the price of real estate in Florida is still at historic lows, with discounts of up to 60% and the possibility of buying at a price much lower than the real value of the property, although there are already the first signs of a new and strong economic recovery; moreover, the euro / dollar exchange rate is still very advantageous for us.
Now let’s move on to legislation: the laws of Florida, are so different from the Italian ones, but luckily much more certain, immediate, simple and applicable than the Italian ones. To make this clear, we will give you an example: in Italy, have you ever been forced to evict a tenant who did not regularly pay rent or have you ever heard of an eviction? Well … leaving out all the costs for legal fees (1200-1300 euros), the time required for a complete eviction amounts to about a year and a half (and everything must run for the best!). Do you know in Florida how much does it take to evict a tenant? At most two months. We have brought you this example to make you understand how and how much Florida lawmakers, unlike the Italian ones, protect property owners, because they are very clear that a firm economy is based also and above all on the brick, and who decides to investing in real estate, can not for any reason in the world be hindered in his business by the shrewd on duty (so it was in Italy ….).
The State of Florida therefore, helps and encourages the local real estate market, and this explains why, JAG Florida Investment, our real estate agency, represents an excellent link between the Italian citizen who chooses to invest in Florida, and the bureaucratic procedures to which it will have to go, in a clear, simple and fast way.