As we have already mentioned in the previous articles, J.A.G. Florida Investment has its roots in the Florida real estate…

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Among the many investments that every saver can put in place, perhaps we still hear very little about the real…

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Your investment step by step

After we meet, if you decide to consider how much we are proposing, we will provide you with everything you…

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What we offer

A tailored product tailored for you. Although we often have some ready-to-sell real estate and several units we are resetting,…

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How we do it

When you get in touch with us we’ll explain everything we can do for you in detail. However, keep in…

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Taxation on Acquired Properties

Almost all countries in the world impose taxes on economic activity. These fees are of a different nature: local, national…

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Banks in America

Because of what happened on September 11, 2001, you will very hardly be able to open a current account in…

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Our Network of Professionals

If you decide to use our services, we will make available to you the entire network of our professionals.As you…

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