Given the type of property we handle, it is the middle class of America. The tenant can be a nurse, a teacher or a cop; all people who typically earn between $ 50,000 and $ 80,000 in one year, but who either do not want to take on the burden of a mortgage or they can not do it because of the 2008 crisis.

Sometimes there may be real estate whose rent is paid, in various ways, directly from the Florida Government or other states where you buy your property (Section 8). In these cases, the tenant will certainly be less referenced, but it will be the same for you to pay the monthly rent for the agreed fee.

Unlike Italy, it is unlikely that there will be morose tenants: the eviction procedure is fast, in about a month the owner has the property back, but above all this procedure is dangerous for the tenant, since he would then be recruited in the insolvent register with enormous problems to have credit lines from banks and great difficulty finding a new home to rent.